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Yes, You Should Have Your Eyes Checked Every Year

Jan 03, 2024
Yes, You Should Have Your Eyes Checked Every Year
Curious why you should have your eyes checked every year? Discover the crucial reasons for scheduling your annual eye exam in our latest blog.

Many people believe that having 20/20 vision means their eyes are healthy. However, clear vision doesn’t necessarily equate to comprehensive eye health. That’s why annual eye exams are so important. They address more than just the ability to see clearly. 

At Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, New York, Elias Aliprandis, MD, Irene Rusu, MD, and our highly experienced team are skilled in every aspect of eye care and can evaluate your eyes and ensure you maintain good vision and eye health. 

The importance of annual eye exams 

Staying proactive about having annual eye exams plays a vital role in maintaining your eye health. Here’s why: 

Detects eye diseases 

Regular exams can identify eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration in their early stages, enabling prompt treatment. 

Preserves sharp vision

Even if you have perfect vision, eye exams help maintain your eye health, ensuring sharp focus and reducing the risk of future vision problems. 

Monitors your overall health 

Did you know that your eyes can provide a clear window into the condition of your overall health? Issues like diabetes and hypertension often manifest with eye-related symptoms, making eye exams a preventive health measure. 

Debunking common misconceptions 

Despite the importance of annual eye exams, several misconceptions may deter people from scheduling regular appointments. Let’s debunk a few myths: 

Seeing clearly means you don’t need an exam 

As mentioned earlier, clear vision doesn’t guarantee healthy eyes. Many eye conditions are asymptomatic in their early stages. 

Eye exams are only for correcting your vision

While prescription adjustments with glasses or contacts are part of the exam, the broader focus is on your eye health. Even those without refractive errors benefit from regular checkups. 

You’re too young for eye problems 

Eye issues can develop at any age. Children, adults, and seniors all benefit from regular eye exams to ensure optimal eye health. 

What to expect during an eye exam 

Understanding what happens during an eye exam can alleviate any apprehension. Here’s what typically occurs: 

Visual acuity testing

This is the classic eye chart test to measure how well you see at various distances. 

Refraction assessment 

If needed, our team will determine if you need corrective lenses and prescribe the appropriate prescription. 

Eye health evaluation 

Our team uses specialized tools to examine your eye health, checking for signs of disease or abnormalities

Discussion and recommendations 

We’ll discuss our findings, answer your questions, and provide recommendations for maintaining or improving your eye health. 

Next steps

It’s clear to understand that your annual eye exam is more than a routine check for glasses or contacts — it’s a comprehensive assessment of your eye health and, by extension, your overall well-being. 

So, take the next step to ensure your eyes are getting the best care possible. Click here to set up an appointment with our team of experts today!